Meet Bill Giles from Beloit Wisconsin I met Bill at Tozan in August of 1996.  Mystically I met Bill in Accra, Ghana for the Temple opening in 1998  Please click on the Button to read Bill's Ghana Interview in 2000 in Ghana In West Africa.
Click on this picture to view the Buddhist spirit of Dr. Maples from California. This is an August of 1996 Interview in Japan at our head temple . She has so much dignity and precence.
Click on this Picture to Meet Ray Parhams who had so much energy and Buddhist excitement that he could hardly speak. This is the spirit of Tozan and our Buddhist Practice.
This is a Picture of Alan Billups from Washington D.C. Temple  our 1996 Video shows Alan at this 1996 Tozan. I met Alan in Accra, Ghana at our 1st Nichiren Shoshu Temple opening in Africa in 1998. Alan is one of the most prolific Buddhist writers, lecturers living. Alan introduced Buddhism in Ethiopia and travels extensively to South America and he recently master the Portuguese language.